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Streamline workflows, shorten timelines, improve quality and lower your costs with our integrated journal solutions. By continuing to invest in digital print platforms, we’re redefining how journal publishers can best serve their scientific, technical and medical content communities. The best combination of conventional offset and new digital print capabilities give you the flexibility to produce journal titles ranging from long runs for maximum efficiency and lower volume costs, to much shorter-run digital print to produce highly targeted and customized journal versions. You respond to demand on a just-in-time, quick-turn basis, and better control inventories and journal obsolescence.

Front-end journal content workflow solutions are matched with back-end bind, distribution and mailing solutions to give you an efficient and integrated end-to-end journal production capability. We also invest in the specialized journal services personnel who know the unique requirements of journal publishers and can tap into the full scale and scope of Quad capabilities to offer truly unique solutions for your needs.

If you are interested in this capability, here are some other products and services that will create additional value.

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    Paper Savings

    Increase your buying power

    Eliminate the hassles and hidden costs associated with carrying your own inventory. Our Paper Services make selecting and sourcing the right paper for your project easy and cost-effective.

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    XML Manager

    Empower your content

    Maintain content and image consistency across all channels. This fast, easy and cost-effective solution will help you efficiently store and share electronic content and images and repurpose them as PDF files, ePubs, Websites or mobile apps.

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    Mail at the Industry's Lowest Total Cost to Deliver

    Achieve the greatest savings possible by leveraging Quad's collective pool volume across our entire production and mailing network. 

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