Mobile-Activated Print

With more than 40 retail stores, a thriving e-commerce business and distribution in nearly 600 specialty, boutique and department stores nationwide, this specialty retailer has become a popular, successful and growing brand across the country.


According to the founders, the company’s growth is a direct result of cultivating genuinely delighted repeat customers. The retailer believes the secret to its success lies not in being bigger than other retailers, just better. Customer centric from the start, the retailer’s catalog is its mainstay marketing vehicle, showcasing the whimsical and unique products sold to hip, affluent consumers who embrace a casual, relaxed weekend lifestyle. Knowing its target audience is tech savvy and engages with the brand in a variety of channels, the retailer needed ideas to keep readers engaged longer with catalog content, while fostering a sense of camaraderie and community.

With the branded app, customers can view any of the catalogs on their laptop, tablet or smartphone, share the brand with friends and access exclusive digital content.


We created a branded app in which customers can view any catalog on their laptop, tablet or smartphone. Extending content to these digital channels allows delighted customers to share the brand with their friends and family, post comments and endorse their favorite items.

To spark increased reader engagement with the printed catalog, we also recommended incorporating image recognition – which bridges the gap between print and online content by enhancing print images – with related digital content. For example, by repurposing existing video assets, the retailer was able to share a behind-the-scenes perspective with loyal and new brand enthusiasts about the preparations leading up to its long-time sponsorship of a major racing event.


Activating the retailer’s brand in a mobile environment with vibrant content in a variety of digital channels as well as in print equals smart marketing. The retailer continues to experience revenue growth in the years they’ve been partnering with us.

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Elliot Newman Sales Manager, Quad/Graphics