Multichannel Membership Communications Program

SKATING is the official publication of the U.S. Figure Skating Association. The magazine is
renowned as one of the sport’s premier publications, reaching more than 130,000 readers.
The association’s members are passionate passionate about the sport, and want SKATING
to serve them with content in the channels they wish to view.


Many associations have struggled with the challenge of serving readers, advertisers and members in a new omnichannel world. The member magazine in print is a traditional format for content, but the SKATING publication team was challenged to deliver content to members in fast-emerging and fast-changing digital, online and mobile channels. Like a lot of special interest publications, SKATING does not have a huge staff or budget to dedicate to individual channels. They wanted and needed an efficient and integrated approach that allows content to flow easily across all channels.

SKATING also had a historical archive of content in the form of back-issues of the magazine going back many years. This content was of high value and interest to members, but the association did not have a practical way to deliver the content efficiently to its members. The organization sought to make its historical archives easily available to its members via a digital solution that could be easily accessed and searched online.

We’ve also developed a Publications App with Quad, which enables our members to download publications to their smartphone or tablet. Quad’s expertise in this area of technology has helped us make this necessary transition for our membership.

Troy Schwindt, Direct, Publications, U.S. Figure Skating


Quad Media Solutions built an integrated multichannel content solution for SKATING:

  • A digital edition of the printed magazine is created and posted online. 
  • Quad’s Media Solutions team also created and supports the U.S. Figure Skating Publications App, which is a free app available for download. 
  • The magazine content is converted to an app edition that can be viewed on Apple, Android and Kindle Fire platforms. 
  • The Media Solutions team created and supports the SKATING magazine archive, a fully searchable digital database that allows members and subscribers to access every story and photo published in the magazine since the inaugural December 1923 edition. Each new issue of the magazine goes into the XML-enabled archive. 
  • Media Solutions also created an online print-on-demand portal, where members can log on and order printed materials from the organization. Rulebooks, directories and other content are available in an on-demand solution that eliminates the need for costly inventory and fulfillment systems.


SKATING’s commitment to channel integration and Quad’s Media Solutions has reduced costs, increased content time-to-market speed, increased reach and accessibility and enhanced revenue streams. An integrated content solution drives efficiencies and optimizes the reader experiences for each channel. This creates a stronger and more successful SKATING brand that helps form a foundation for continued organizational growth and success.

To expand our reach with SKATING magazine and other publications, U.S. Figure Skating worked with Quad to establish a digital edition for SKATING magazine and the U.S. Figure Skating Rulebook.

Troy Schwindt, Director, Publications, U.S. Figure Skating