Smart Postal Savings

One of the world’s largest publishers of monthly magazines also owns daily and weekly newspapers across the country, as well as television stations and cable networks.


The publisher needed to boost subscription response rates and increase revenue around its annual subscription event. Traditionally, around the holidays, the publisher sends out highly personalized letters to targets announcing a free gift of one issue of a publication and a special offer to purchase a subscription at a discounted rate. The free issue is typically sent separately after the special offer letter arrives in-home, hindering response rates and creating additional postage costs for the publisher. They approached us for an innovative solution to reach readers with a complimentary issue and a subscription offer at the same time to boost response rates and increase mail efficiencies.

As a strategic partner, we identify new opportunities to boost response rates, drive action and increase mail savings.


We introduced them to our SmartMatch® solution, which combines a complimentary magazine issue and a special subscription offer for mailing to targeted customers. This allowed the publisher the ability to polybag an offer letter, personalized with information unique to the recipient, along with a gift magazine – all in one complete package. In our new role as the publisher’s strategic partner, we continued to identify new opportunities to boost response rates, such as incorporating highly attractive, personalized offer letters to drive action and increasing mail savings by integrating mailstreams.


Because of the effectiveness of the SmartMatch program, the publisher nearly doubled mailing quantities the next year. The publisher also experienced a significant increase in response rates while lowering its average mailing cost per piece. Based on the success of the first campaign, they expanded the program to a second event.

Our advanced finishing platform and SmartMatch® solution allows publishers to poly-wrap their magazines along with separate personalized enclosures and still qualify for significant postal discounts.

Joe Bahr Postal Solutions Manager, Quad/Graphics