Achieve Better SEO Results

A well-known tour operator has planned upscale travel programs for more than a half million travelers over the past three decades. The company creates and markets its own deluxe journeys to individuals and groups throughout North America. Each journey immerses the traveler in the culture of the destination via experiences such as home-hosted meals, insightful lectures and private performances. The company also operates its own fleet of river ships and privately chartered small ships that ply the waterways of Europe and beyond.


The company sought innovative ideas to grow its travel business, particularly with younger and more tech-savvy consumers. With an established library of content including articles, photos and insider travel tips, along with stories and insights from travelers, the tour operator sought a solution to increase visibility among its competitors in travel-related Internet searches, bring more visitors to the site and ultimately increase trip bookings.

The company increased its visibility in search engines – surpassing its competitors – with our leading-edge content optimization solutions.


Through search scoring analysis and diagnostics, we determined that the tour operator’s online content was underperforming compared to competitors. By optimizing the content for search – refreshing it based on keyword phrases that drive organic search traffic and conversations, and delivering it in a relevant and compelling way – we increased the company’s visibility in search engines such as Google and Bing, while driving more sales leads and conversions. Our analytical tools helped track each piece of content and ensure that people all over the world could find and share the content.


Now travelers worldwide can find the tour operator’s content much faster and easier. With our content optimization service, the company now has the capability to push existing product description files to its site and adjust copy to increase search performance. Our leading-edge solutions, which include testing and data reporting to measure and track results, have allowed the tour operator to catch up to and ultimately surpass its competitors in organic search positioning.

Optimized content helps drive more traffic to your website and increase sales.

Shelby Austin Sales Manager, Quad/Graphics