Deploying a Distributed Marketing Model to Simplify Restaurant Operations

This national chain restaurant’s locations evoke a welcoming neighborhood atmosphere that includes an exclusive multi-media experience, an open layout, and a diverse menu and full bar that appeals to sports fans and families alike. Each location provides guests with a flexible experience – workday lunches, dine-in dinners, take-out meals or an evening enjoying a sporting event with friends.


In the past year, the national chain experienced steady growth and expansion. With plans to add several new locations to over 1700 stores in the U.S. along with international growth and development, the chain’s marketing department needed a distributed marketing solution to support localized marketing efforts at each of their restaurants. Reliant on their strong brand and a promise of a fun, and energetic experience, the chain’s marketing team desired a tool that allowed for creation of marketing collateral pieces consistent with the corporate brand, with builtin flexibility to add localized content specific to the sale of alcoholic beverages, operating hours, menu choices and local store coupons, deals and promotions.

In the current environment, franchise owners depended on local printers that didn’t always meet corporate branding, quality and on-time delivery standards.

QConnect solves the challenge of maintaining brand consistency and a uniform corporate identity while providing the flexibility of localized content within marketing collateral, print advertising, and signage.

Veneeta Fraser, Solutions Architect, Quad/Graphics


We developed a fully branded, customized web-accessible portal solution to facilitate the ordering of store marketing pieces, powered by QConnect. Our solution provided the restaurant chain convenient access to consistency of brand while allowing for varied menu content and localized food pricing. On the front end, owners of participating franchises are able to select from pre-approved marketing formats they can customize for their restaurants. Our solution also manages all back-end processes from order management and payment to kitting and delivery.


Creating local menus specific to particular restaurants, regions and products, such as Micro-Brewed beer, was very well received and drove sales up tremendously. Color consistency and brand integrity is delivered reliably to meet corporate requirements. Our robust QConnect platform has been adopted by all of the chain restaurant’s locations. We’ve helped them launch new and manage existing promotions, open new restaurant locations and execute special events. QConnect protects the integrity of their brand and streamlines the management process by delivering vibrant, compliant, and versatile print marketing materials. Additionally, major promotions were executed that correlated with national TV, Direct Mail, and Social Media efforts all in sync. By providing a secure, easy-to-use and flexible portal and process, the chain restaurant’s internal teams and franchisees are free to focus on running their restaurants and generating more sales.

Quad’s solution helped us execute our complex marketing and store management program quickly and effectively.

VP of Marketing, Top National Chain Restaurant