Localized Marketing Solution

From the smallest weekly to the largest metropolitan daily, the California Newspaper Publishers Association (CNPA) has promoted the quality and economic health of Golden State newspapers for more than 125 years. CNPA member services include advertising networks, legislative lobbying and legal support, and training and student services. In addition, CNPA is dedicated to helping newspapers increase ad revenues beyond traditional (ROP) display advertising.


Newspaper publishers are losing revenue as local advertisers migrate away from traditional insert and run-of-page (ROP) marketing to digital channels. The newspapers realized that advertisers needed more localized target marketing to the household level. CNPA looked to us to develop a solution that allowed newspapers the opportunity to create a new revenue stream – delivering store signage, direct mail, fliers, collateral, counter cards and more – customized to local business.

Newspapers using QConnect generate more revenue and provide added value to their advertisers with customized print-on-demand marketing campaigns.


Utilizing QConnect, we developed a web-based portal for newspaper sales reps to sell, order and print-on-demand the localized materials their advertisers wanted.

The easy-to-use and secure online portal allows newspapers to provide local businesses with fully customized direct mailers, fliers and in-store signage. The tool has the capability to easily and swiftly upload advertiser creative files including the advertiser’s unique company logo, colors, location and operating hours. Newspapers using the portal now provide added value to their advertisers by furthering their local marketing efforts with built-in list building around retail store locations, online proofing and payment tools, including the ability to pay for postage.


Launched in the second quarter of 2014, use of the QConnect portal solution is growing among newspapers. Those who have signed on report positive results in their efforts to engage further, and generate more revenue with, local advertisers.

QConnect is an easy-to-use web-based portal that enables marketers and publishers to supply on-demand campaign materials, from highly targeted direct mail to dynamic in-store signage.

Larry Santillo Sales Manager, Quad/Graphics