Significant Improvements to International Distribution

Founded in 1967 by brothers Jonas and Robert Jochnick, Oriflame Cosmetics currently has a presence in more than 60 countries around the world. Its wide variety of Swedish, nature-inspired, innovative beauty products, nutritional supplements and accessories are sold through an independent sales force of more than 3.5 million consultants with annual sales of more than $1 billion. Sales consultants market Oriflame products directly to the consumer by direct selling and relationship referral.

Direct Selling Catalogs act as enticing storefront to help our client deliver high-quality brand consistency across the globe.


With sales completely reliant upon its consultant sales force, Oriflame views its catalog as the “shopping window” for customers and continues to focus on cost-effective options to produce the highest quality book with innovative features to help drive sales. The cosmetics retailer was also seeking a creative and strategic print partner to share and spark ideas for catalogs that grab attention and engage consumers.

A valued strategic partner for its European region, Oriflame looked to us as a global partner to efficiently produce and distribute its unique-sized, language-versioned catalogs in other regions outside Europe without sacrificing the book quality and while keeping distribution costs in check.

Oriflame noted increased sales and credited the enhanced catalog with it’s unique features as a key driver.


Quad’s custom products team worked closely with Oriflame’s team to brainstorm, conceptualize and develop unique catalog features to increase shopper engagement and drive sales. To help Oriflame highlight new product characteristics, the Quad team created customized print options for the retailer including a bound special treatment insert that effectively mimicked how a specific beauty product would like once applied and provide a “wow” factor for the customer.

With our global footprint, we were immediately able to provide cost savings for Oriflame’s catalog production without sacrificing the high-quality product the company required for its books. By producing the catalogs in our Mexico plants on our exclusive European sized web offset press rather than sheetfed presses, Oriflame was able to retain the unique size of its catalog, without the need for longer production lead times, while cutting its production costs. With the majority of Oriflame’s Latin American catalogs shipping to Mexico, our diverse Mexican platform was the key as Oriflame was then able to eliminate the expensive importation and international freight costs for these catalogs. Additionally, our Latin American distribution system allowed the beauty company to efficiently distribute catalogs across the region.


Oriflame has seen significant international distribution savings since partnering with Quad to print and distributed its catalogs. Additionally, working with one print partner has allowed Oriflame to streamline their communication across their print production teams, while delivering a consistent and high-quality catalog.

Adding unique features, coatings and inks to printed materials increases consumer engagement.

Marcin Zielonka Sales Key Account Manager, Quad/Graphics